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I’ve been reading and reading and then did some more reading and I still feel like I haven’t really finished anything.

As always, the end of the year and the start of a new year, there are always lists and more lists of things that you should be doing, need to do or should have done.  This one is no exception.

Do you sometimes have such a hard day at the office or in life in general that all you want to do is come home and sit down with a book or the remote control and a glass of wine?  Do you have trouble figuring out what wines you like or get tired of the same old same old? This service is great to get rid of the monotony of the same old same old…. when it comes to wines, that is.

New Year’s Resolutions?  Did you make any this year?  I don’t make resolutions.  I do set goals but more on that later.  This article about resolutions was very interesting.

I work from home.  Seriously…. not just as a blogger but seriously work from home.  Sometimes it can be a great thing but sometimes it can be a pain.  One of the things that gets a bit complicated to manage when you work from home is your time….. when are you really in the office?  Should you take that one hour lunch that everyone seems to be taking?  This article speaks to me and I’m sure it will speak to a lot of you who work from home as well.

Work, work and more work….. sometimes it feels like there is enough to keep an entire world busy and it all seems to be on our shoulders.  Have you ever found yourself busy doing something when all of a sudden as if by divine intervention you are reminded that something needs to be replenished at home?  This article was both funny and sad.

Sometimes, in order to get more reading done I listen to books on my phone.  I have never been able to read in moving vehicles (I can on the train for some reason) so if I’m commuting by train I listen to books instead of reading them.  I thought this was so funny about listening to books at the gym.


Around the Net – Links of Interest


Now that the craziness of the New Year is wearing off, I have had a little bit more time to waste on the internet and do some random reading.  How lucky are you to be the beneficiary of those travels……..

First and foremost…. wine.  We have all been surprised by that one neighbor, friend or family member who pop up just to say hello and being the awesome hostesses we are we want to serve something yummy without breaking the bank….. Here is a list of 50 best wines under $50.00.  I’ll be sending the husband to the store to pick up some of these.

I love my technology…. I’m the first one to go get that new phone, new computer (I really need a new computer), new gadget… but I have also become very nostalgic of things of the past.  Calendars are one of those things that I cannot give up.  I love the look, the feel and writing the appointments in pen.

As I am sure you’ve noticed I have been blogging about books a lot.  It’s not on purpose but most of the stuff I have opinions about…. ok, stuff I feel comfortable enough to share my opinions…. are books.  My life is not as interesting as I wish it would be.  In the midst of some research to try to make this blog  better for you I came across this article about what a Book Blogger Does.  I thought it was interesting.

Ok, so as a book blogger I could not let this post go without inserting something about the  New York Times best books of 2016.  I have not read all of them and honestly I have no desire to read some of them.  That’s the beauty of reading…… you only have to read the books that interest you.

Around the Net – Links Of Interest


Merry Christmas – From our House to Yours.  Whatever holiday you celebrate I want to wish you all a happy and healthy one and I hope you find peace in the midst of all the chaos.

I used to be really big on Christmas.   Actually, it’s not like  don’t like it.  I just don’t like what we have turned it into.  As an introvert I am always baffled how things seem to escalate from year to year.    I found this article about the trials and tribulations of the introvert at Christmas and I couldn’t agree more.  I’ll be just fine on December 28th.

Another thing that seems to be prevalent at this time of year are lists:  There are the best best of (whatever it is that you want), the 10, 5 or 3 whatever it is you should wear, listen, eat or read….. so here you go….. here are some of the lists I’ve been reading this week.

7 Ted Talks that Will Make You Happier (and Smarter)

5 Types of Shoes to Wear with Leggings

5 Things a Go-Getter Would Never Do

5 Books to Read in December 2016

19 Things to do Before You Start Your Day

41 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for 2017 (I can make my own, thank you)

And there you have it.  There are plenty of lists and I’m sure if we look close enough we can find even more.  I’m going back to my little corner of the world where I keep a nice cup of tea and a few good books and wait until the chaos is over.  I will be back after Christmas.

Until then…….. Have an awesome Whatever it is you celebrate.



Around the Net – Links of Interest


Did you ever wonder who are the instagramers who are posting such awesome pictures?  How do they manage? I found this article really interesting.

With so much on our plates it’s really no wonder that some of us are suffering from insomnia or not able to fall asleep as fast as we can.  Here’s an article that I found while trying to fall asleep recently — very appropriate.

Every Christmas you can find me searching for how much to tip all the people that help me make make my house a home and make it all look so effortless.

Are you in  the market for a new smart phone?  Here is an article from Business Insider which lists the top 20 Smart phones of the year.

I wanted  to show you how much can be accomplished with a little bit of heart and determination.  Reading is so important and I was so happy to see this 7th graders doing something to bring books to as many children as possible.

Wow, I can only say wow.  I found this blog as I lazily surfed the net on a very cold day (we’ve had a few here).  Take a look at The Dusty Victorian.

It was not a particularly good week for reading anything on the internet.  Most of the time I had for reading I was trying to finish the two books I have been trying to get through for quite a while.  Finished one and working on the other one…… great book but I’ve just not been the mood this month.

Have a great weekend everyone.  This post is going up late so apologies for that. I had a few events to attend this week and my posting has been a bit off.  I think I have scheduled all the posts I can for the next week.  Thank you for your patience.



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What exactly have I been doing this past week?  I can’t even remember.  These are the times when my days just seem to blur into each other and nothing is particularly memorable….. It just hit me that that is a sad way of existing but I can’t help it.  Between getting Christmas Cards out to family and friends, getting lists for Christmas Gifts, forcing my husband to finally sit down and decide what day we are going to see the Christmas Tree in New York as it has always been our tradition…. I am not kidding.

There were a few links of interest in this week but first I have to pay my respects to a great American…. whether you and I agree or disagree in our political views… Senator John Glenn was a great astronaut and deserves our respect.  John Glenn passed away on December 8, 2016, at the age of 96.

During this time of year I always want to find ways to give back.  Every year we put on a cocktail party with our friends where we choose a charity and ask our friends to bring donations instead of house gifts.  It’s always been a success, however, this year I will not be able to do that seeing as Christmas is approaching so fast and I have family staying with me all the way through the 25th of December.  No time to put on the party or organize the donations….. However, I want to find other ways to give back and in my searching I found this article in  Seriously, don’t think about how you feel about Ms. Trump and/or her family.  The article is about Bridge2Act, an organization formed to help you (or me) find the charity that fits my criteria the best.  Go, take a look at it and I hope you choose to give a little of yourself this year.

At time when we are all, most likely, thinking about New Year’s Resolutions or Goals, I thought this article very interesting.  Why do you think we, humans, don’t follow through on what we say we’re going to do?  Some of us are better than others on the follow through part, but it’s still difficult.  This article is very good at explaining the way the brain works around long term benefits v. short term gratification.

This hotel is fascinating….. Book Lover…… yes please.

And for food?????? Well, how about these slow cooker recipes???? nothing like having breakfast ready when you get up in the morning.

Around the Net – Links I’ve Enjoyed This Week


This is so true.  I am still learning and I will be learning for a very, very long time……. at least I hope to be.

This week, there were a few things on the inter webs that are worth mentioning (as if I were the expert of all things worth mentioning ha!)

Surveillance laws passed in England and it appears that British citizens are not happy about the government snooping in their business.  Without getting too political (and only because I happen to think we have had enough) I am a bit torn about these laws.  I see their point but I see how they are intrusive as well.  Anywhoooooo!!! good article.

Staying in the same vein did you see this article about the burning of the flag and what President Elect Trump announced?  Again….. I’m torn (I’d make a horrible politician) I can see how it’s annoying and an insult to all those people who have fought so hard and lost so much for our country, but ….. the ability to freely express oneself is very dear to all of us and so much engrained in the fabric of our country.  I am not sure there’s anything we can do about it without embarking on a slippery slope.

Ok so another controversial article …. Buzzfeed had an article just recently about how men deal with powerful women.  Did you guys see the Netflix show “The Crown?” if you didn’t you must stop reading right now and go watch it…. promise you’ll come back for the rest of this post though.  Anyway, It was obvious that Prince Phillip had an issue with his wife, Queen Elizabeth, being the Queen and having more power than him.  In all the episodes you were a witness to how much that bothered him….. I even mentioned on my twitter account, or maybe I thought it out loud, that I didn’t even realize that’s how he felt because that’s not how it appears in public.  I wonder when it changed?  So, Buzzfeed apparently thinks that this jealousy that Prince Phillip felt is still prevalent in today’s society?  Do you agree?

From serious subjects to subjects that warm your heart... .Not only because Matthew McConaughey is OMG super handsome but also because his heart is in the right place.

In business related issues, I found this two great articles.  The first is a list of the five best business books.  Two of my favorite subjects, lists and books…… Ok, wait, let me absorb the awesomeness of those two words.  And the second, because it’s the end of the year and we are all scrambling to get a better promotion at work……. What do the best performers ask when taking on a new job?  

Lastly, how about cookies and booze?  Two other words that should always be used in the same sentence.  I am going to leave you with these recipes that are going to make your Holidays ohhhh so HoHoHo!!!!!!

Around the Net – Interesting Articles


This here is one of my favorite quotes of all time.  It doesn’t matter that I just found it this month ……. I think it says it all.

I am still not sure if I will ever speak about politics on this blog — although I will warn you right now that I am a ver political person.  Politics runs in my blood and having, at one point, identifying mostly with one side of the isle and now identifying mostly with the other, I think I can see the argument on both sides and therefore (hahahah a scientific conclusion) I feel equipped to discuss political issues.   The one thing I want to say….. from the bottom of my heart is that we need to stop the craziness that is going on.  I am sure most Americans will agree with me.  Both sides.  I’m not speaking to one or the other.  Let’s just find some common ground and start from there.

Anyway, this being my Links of Interest post, there are a few things (not political related) that I was able to dig up this past week.

Building your career is hard work.  I am not 100% sure I agree with all the pundits who claim that we can work smarter, not harder.  However, there are always some good nuggets of information that can be taken from articles like that, and here is one such article.

Business etiquette — Need I say more?

Time management.…. isn’t this the one thing we are all looking to improve?  Gosh more than work like balance, I think time management is the magic potion .  To that end, I am always looking for articles that will help me.  Ivanka Trump’s website had a great one and I wanted to share it.

With the holidays approaching and most of us having to attend the occasional event here are some tips of what to do when that one person takes the conversation to some awkward “location.”

Lastly, are you as excited for the Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival…. hmmm not a revival….. as I am?  I am so pumped for it.  I think that half of my family is going to leave the Thanksgiving dinner early so that they can all get ready to sit in front of the television with Rory and Lorelai.  If you follow my blog you have probably already seen my Gilmore Girl’s Challenge.  That’s how excited I am….. but really 339 books?  Am I nuts?

Happy to say that I am not the only one who is nutty for these two women whom we grew up with.  I found this great article on the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog.  I will admit that it was the inspiration for my 339 book challenge but with a very interesting twist.

Lastly, I don’t think I can consider this blog post complete without leaving you with the show’s trailer and Rory’s graduation speech.  I am so sorry, I should have warned you to get your tissues first.

Well, another week has gone.  To those of you who are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a great celebration and I hope it adds to more things for you to be thankful.  To those of you who do not have a specific day of thanks 🙂 no worries….. Thanks is something we can say every day.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 and I will see you on my next post.

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Around the Net – Some Links of Interest



As you can see from the picture above (that’s Adele) I have been playing with the new iPhone 7.  I love the camera on the phone and FYI, most of the pictures on this blog are taken with my whatever iPhone I own at the time.

On with the real reason we are here.  So for things that I have been reading and enjoying on the net the past week.  As you can imagine, there haven’t been heck of a lot.  The reason this time were the elections.  I feel as if everywhere I turn the links I’m seeing are all related to the elections here in the United States.  I am all for a good political discussion (as long as it is an educated discussion) but enough is enough.  Let’s move on with our lives and whatever you believes lets make the best of it.  The truth is that they both couldn’t have won so ……. We have what we have and that’s why we call it democracy.  One person wins and everyone must be ok with the results.

From blog The Everywhereist I found and enjoyed this really interesting article about books and how one paragraph may at times haunt you.

I’m not much of a runner but once in a while I wish I were.  It’s probably the easiest thing to do to get some exercise and according to what I read and what I have been told it’s one of the best exercises for the entire body.  I thought this article from a marathon runner would be inspiring to all of us who would love to be one but ….. well, just aren’t.

Jeans or leggings….. do you ever wonder what you should wear to a particular place.  I don’t find jeans to be very comfortable.  I know they’re casual and you can dress them up or dress them down but they are not the most comfortable pieces of clothing in my closet.  I can’t wear jeans all day around the house.  Most of the time I opt for leggings and then I always find myself questioning whether I can walk out of the house wearing leggings or if I should be putting a different pair of pants on…… by the way, are leggings pants?

Are you a serious blogger?  Well, I like to write and I enjoy putting things down on paper.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my technology but I still really enjoy the paper and pen or in this case the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. …… As usual, I digress.  So, although not a famous or even known blogger I am nonetheless a blogger and I would really like to be considered a serious blogger who is having fun.

What links got your interest this week?  I would love if you could send me some recommendations.  Sometimes we all get so stuck in the mundane it’s best to shake things up at times.



Around the Net – Links of Interest This Weekend



Authors, Libraries and good deeds…. what more can one want? This one is even more interesting to me since it relates to my hometown of Newark, New Jersey.  Philip Roth will donate his personal library to Newark.

Making decisions.  I will admit that I hate making certain decisions.  I always feel as if I’m going to regret it and ….. Ugh!!! it’s not a good feeling.  I was very interested when I saw this article on one of my favorite websites.  Better Decision Making — If nothing else it shows me that I am not the only one who hates decision making.

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to organize my computer folder/files.  What a shocker!!!!!!!!  have not been able to accomplish that but I am at least starting the process. I  found this video to help me make my folders pretty.  Pretty things always help me get motivated. You’re welcome 🙂

Before I go.  Did you all have the chance to see the new MacBook Pro?  I’m in love and I’m trying to figure out if I need it….. I know I want it but I’m not really sure I can justify it.  I will leave you with the Apple Event right here.

I just realized that I think this was a very slow week in reading on the internet.  I got some actual physical book reading done so there aren’t that many links.  I hope you find that the ones I do have are good ones and of interest to you as well.

More to come next week.

The photo is the front of the New York Public Library at sunrise in October.  I thought it was interesting to photograph early in the morning and capture one of the workers who makes our library look so regal.  In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful buildings in New York.