Favorites and Not so Much – December

This month I want to leave you with only positive vibes.  I am not including any “not so much.”  What you see here are all the things that make me happy in December 2016.  I am ready to start 2017.

Let’s do this……..


This month, without a doubt my favorite book was Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.  What an amazing story.  It’s not like I’ve never heard or read any type of romance and to tell you the truth it is not something to choose to read.  This story however, made me happy, angry and even the characters I was not supposed to like were likable in their own crazy way.  I will be seeking out more books by this author and I hope you will as well.



When I just want to relax I enjoy either classic music or jazz.  The 30s and 40s are two decades that I’ve been obsessed with lately so it’s not surprising that I found and played (on repeat) Seven Nation Army (feat. Haley Reinhart)


Well…… Duh!!!!! There really was nothing worth my time this month …. but thankfully I am still obsessed with November’s Netflix line up so……


There have been a few YouTubers that stood out this month.  I have been loving Lauren And the Books.  Her and her boyfriend did an entire month of Vlogmas and the two of them are super cute.

Since forever, I have always been obsessed with other times.  Sometimes I literally feel as if I were born in the wrong time period.  I am fascinated by the Victorian Era, the 20s and 40s and in a smaller scale the 50s.  I found Lilly Jarlsson on YouTube  and spent an entire evening watching it.  I think I got through the entire thing.   If the Victorian Era is more your speed, there also John Thomas Grant’s Channel.  Honestly, I was fascinated (and still am) by both.  Can’t get enough!!

At the end of the month, as I was looking for ways to improve on my bullet journal journey I found a great channel BuJo Boosted.  If you are interested in a great channel all about how to improve your bullet journal experience, I recommend you go check this channel out.  I would have watched all the videos (need to pace myself) I’m supposed to be working after all.


We watched Jason Bourne this month.  Matt is so cute!!!!!! Anyway….. Not my favorite, I have to admit.  I am not much into violence but the earlier Bourne movies were much more psychological than this one.  I think this new one relied a whole lot more on violence and killings and not so much on outsmarting the “bad guys.”



I have been following @chfericl for a while now.  He’s the chef and owner of one of the best restaurants in my area so, as you can imagine, I’m always interested in seeing what is going on in his kitchen.  He’s IG account is great and the food is amazing.  It tastes as good as it looks.  His restaurant also runs a few charities throughout the  year.  Go check him out and while you’re at it…. check out his website.


Hmmmm…. was I so busy that I missed a great quote?  perhaps.  However, this is what I want to keep thinking about now, at the end of the 2016.



As for Podcasts I discovered at some point in the middle of the month BookRiot.  They have quite a few podcasts and each better than the other.  They talk about books and nothing but books (ok sometimes there are other things mentioned) but books mostly.  Go listen.

Photos/videos (my own)


The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (above).  The buildings around Park Avenue on a December night (New York City)


Favorites and Not so Much!!! – November


Good-bye Fall


Most of you know that my favorite book of the month was A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  In fact, I think you are all sick of hearing me gush about it.

As for which one was my least favorite……The Sellout.  I had really high hopes for this book but I did not enjoy it at all.  I read it, mostly out of respect for the author and for the people who judge the Man Booker Prize.  But….. Wow, I thought it was bad. See my review here.


Favorite Music –  I discovered early in the month Half Moon Run.  Go listen……. You’re welcome 🙂

TV, Movies, Shows ….

I have, once again, fallen in love with Downton Abbey.  And can you blame me?  I have been watching it on DVD.  So happy that I was able to find it in my library and I can watch it as many times as I want.  Actually, I have added the seasons to my wish list for Christmas….. in case you’re wondering what to give me.

The day after Thanksgiving we were “blessed” with four episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Let’s be honest, not the best acting in the world and some of the things were very difficult swallow.  I tend to stop paying attention with I am unable to relate what is going on to what my view of reality is.  This is supposed to be a show about a mother and daughter and family relationships — yeah, it has some crazy things going on and in some ways those unbeliveable occurrences are what make the show so endearing…. There is a limit though…. don’t you think?  This time around, the unbelievable things were a little too much….. personal opinion.  However, having said all that, I cannot think of many things on television for which I would consider staying up past my bed time.  There is something about this show that brings back my own history and brings to the surface some of those things I could not imagine saying or perhaps even go as far as feeling.  The way the show ended???  I’m hoping it means we will be seeing a little more of Lorelai and Rory.  Here’s to dreaming high this Christmas.


I am always looking for some career inspiration.  This month I found Career Girl Daily

Although I am always interested in politics this election year has made it even more interesting for me…… turns out, I think everyone felt the same way….. now I will admit I’m a bit sick of what is going on.  However, this is about a Podcast that I have found super interesting ….Pantsuit Politics.  The content is very timely but the fact that these two women from different sides of the isle are able to have these discussions is possibly the most important thing about this Podcast.  Yes…. They are both extremely intelligent and the Podcast is amazing (go subscribe, I’ll wait).    We can and should have opinions and disagree but we need to be respectful.  Ohhh Yeah, and they have a blog so go here if you want to read it


I was introduced, early in the month to Fablekings go take a look.  I know you will love it as much as I have been.  Yes, it is about books but I can’t get enough of the artist way in which she sets up her photos.

Most of you know that I have entered into a love hate love relationship with bullet journaling.  For a while I was in the closet and didn’t want anyone to know.  Then there are times when I want the world to know about my obsession …. @bulleteverything has the best layouts, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

@Gianlucavacchi — Obsession……need I say more?


Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on – @Mandelash

Mid- month, while I was feeling sorry for myself and scrolling through Instagram I came across a quote that changed my life.  this quote now lives in my brain forever.


Quote by Cheryl Strayed


Autumn Wreath, is a Yankee Candle scent I discovered early in the month.  It smells of freshly made apple cider and spices.  It’s the perfect cozy Fall scent and I can’t get enough of it.  I love when the weather starts getting this cool and everything is one big canvas of earth tones.

Coffee Flavor

So if you follow me on Twitter you know that I tasted for the first time the Chestnut Praline Latte and I regret to say that I’m so over the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  This Fall it’s all about the Chestnuts for me.

Wow, there are a lot of favorites this month and I do hope that I can keep this up for next month.  I want to thank myself for having the frame of mind to keep track of all these throughout the month of November.  Seriously, the minute I learned of something new I would jot it down and then include in this scheduled blog as soon as I got home…. Basically this post has been in progress since the first of the month.  How is that for a show of love for you all 🙂