My Values

These are non-negotiable

  • I smile – A whole lot
  • I am passionate
  • I like to help others
  • I believe in harming none
  • I love all animals – including the human kind
  • I am humble
  • I believe in hard work
  • I belive in Serendipity
  • I believe in Santa Clause
  • I believe……

So who am I?

By most people’s beliefs I am too old.  Too old to write a blog, too old to spend so much time sharing so much of myself… too old to be so invested… too old to play.  But….. Just the same.  I am here.

My name is Ana and I’m a veganhmmm vegetarian and even so sometimes I cheat.  Let’s start over………

My name is Ana and I am an almost 50 year old woman who looked around the internet and didn’t find anything that resonated with her.  I can’t possibly be the only person my age on the internet who enjoys a fulfilling career, books, music, art, fashion and makeup.  So…. I decided to create this lifestyle blog called “My Simple Life.”

My life IS simple.  I work, I read, I write, I eat, I breath ….. I am a normal almost 50 year old woman.  No longer a vegan or vegetarian …. I gave up trying….  No point in being frustrated…… Life shouldn’t be complicated.  Get it????


I work.  I have a career that I enjoy and have worked really hard to make it “my thing.” I  will sometimes get on my soap box about how I got here and how you, too, can get to where you want….. Leaning in is great but sometimes leaning out is the way to go.

I read!  Well, I read….. quite a bit and enjoy talking about books, writing about books and …… being generally annoying  about books.  Let me tell you what you should read next.

I eat.  Yeah…. how is that special?  We all eat.  but I enjoy food.  I really like food….. Any food as long as it’s the right atmosphere.  It doesn’t have to be glamorous…. sometimes a burger and fries are sufficient to make me a happy girl (insert middle aged woman).  I may write about that too…. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.  Let me tell you where you should eat…. well if you’re in my area that is.

I breath….. Yes, I do breath and I am going to try something new.  Breathing exercises….. who knew learning how to breath would be a thing?  I have heard that it really makes a difference so I am committed to really learning this one.  Maybe one day I will be the one telling you how to breath!

Now can someone please give this senior citizen a seat…. my feet are killing me in these stilettos.

I hope you stay a while and read the posts.  Say hello and maybe leave a comment.  Then be on your way.   There is a lot of internet to explore.




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