Challenging January

I am reading…. at least I think I am reading but I’m not making that much progress and it’s making me crazy.  I have two books going.


GETTING THINGS DONE and THE TENANT OF WILDFELL HALL one on audiobook and one on my kindle.  They are both going great and I’m enjoying both very much but for some reason I feel like nothing is happening and I’m not getting ahead in the reading.

GETTING THINGS DONE – I think where I’m setting myself back in this one is that I’m constantly backing it up and re-reading passages because I want to make sure I understand. There are so many interesting and worthy nuggets of information on how to get things done without all the stress that I want to make sure I get every last bit of them.  What happens, then is, I keep setting myself back.  I should have been done with this book at least a week ago.  As it turns out…. I’m not even half way done.

THE TENANT OF WILDFELL HALL  – This is my first Anne Brontë book and I’m so glad I chose this one.  The writing is … well as expected from one of the Brontë sisters.  There is a lot of description of the surroundings but she is really amazing at making the reader feel as if we are a part of a painting.  I can feel the coldness of the stone and the warmth of the fire in each of the rooms.  There is a description of a party where I was even able to see myself sitting with the family and enjoying a cup of tea.  So, it is not the book that is making me feel like no progress is being made when reading this novel.  Perhaps in this regard it’s the medium which I chose to read it.  For some reason I am always slower when reading on my kindle.  Add the fact that Anne Brontë doesn’t really speak in today’s English and there are quite a few things I have to make sure I understand before moving on….. Well.  I’m at 20% and feeling anxiety.

By the look of things right now it does not look like I’m going to have a review of either of these books done this week.  I was hoping I could.  This weekend I was not able to read for that long.  If you follow me on Instagram I was desperately trying to get my house undecorated (mission accomplished) by the time I sat down it was almost time to fall asleep.  I read for one hour, at the most, and was able to bring my Brontë reading to 20% (I know……) and then …. well…. the week starts and my schedule is not really my own.


I didn’t want to let today go by without putting up a post and it has been a while since I’ve posted a review.  I want you to know that I am working towards getting a review up as soon as possible but it will be later than I wanted.

I hope you are all having a great January.  Stay tuned for a review ….. hmmmm shall we say next week?




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