Around the Net – Links of Interest


Now that the craziness of the New Year is wearing off, I have had a little bit more time to waste on the internet and do some random reading.  How lucky are you to be the beneficiary of those travels……..

First and foremost…. wine.  We have all been surprised by that one neighbor, friend or family member who pop up just to say hello and being the awesome hostesses we are we want to serve something yummy without breaking the bank….. Here is a list of 50 best wines under $50.00.  I’ll be sending the husband to the store to pick up some of these.

I love my technology…. I’m the first one to go get that new phone, new computer (I really need a new computer), new gadget… but I have also become very nostalgic of things of the past.  Calendars are one of those things that I cannot give up.  I love the look, the feel and writing the appointments in pen.

As I am sure you’ve noticed I have been blogging about books a lot.  It’s not on purpose but most of the stuff I have opinions about…. ok, stuff I feel comfortable enough to share my opinions…. are books.  My life is not as interesting as I wish it would be.  In the midst of some research to try to make this blog  better for you I came across this article about what a Book Blogger Does.  I thought it was interesting.

Ok, so as a book blogger I could not let this post go without inserting something about the  New York Times best books of 2016.  I have not read all of them and honestly I have no desire to read some of them.  That’s the beauty of reading…… you only have to read the books that interest you.


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