Around the Net – Links of Interest


Did you ever wonder who are the instagramers who are posting such awesome pictures?  How do they manage? I found this article really interesting.

With so much on our plates it’s really no wonder that some of us are suffering from insomnia or not able to fall asleep as fast as we can.  Here’s an article that I found while trying to fall asleep recently — very appropriate.

Every Christmas you can find me searching for how much to tip all the people that help me make make my house a home and make it all look so effortless.

Are you in  the market for a new smart phone?  Here is an article from Business Insider which lists the top 20 Smart phones of the year.

I wanted  to show you how much can be accomplished with a little bit of heart and determination.  Reading is so important and I was so happy to see this 7th graders doing something to bring books to as many children as possible.

Wow, I can only say wow.  I found this blog as I lazily surfed the net on a very cold day (we’ve had a few here).  Take a look at The Dusty Victorian.

It was not a particularly good week for reading anything on the internet.  Most of the time I had for reading I was trying to finish the two books I have been trying to get through for quite a while.  Finished one and working on the other one…… great book but I’ve just not been the mood this month.

Have a great weekend everyone.  This post is going up late so apologies for that. I had a few events to attend this week and my posting has been a bit off.  I think I have scheduled all the posts I can for the next week.  Thank you for your patience.




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