Top 3 Christmas/Snowy Books


I don’t think any of us can talk about a list of top Christmas books or Winter books without mentioning the biggest classic of them all…. A Christmas Carol, both the book and the movie will always be at the top of my Winter Book lists.

The covers range from whimsical to scary

When in college I took a Children’s Literature class.  I mostly took that class so I could fulfill my English requirement and also because it was either that or Shakespear and as a senior the prospect of Shakespear was a little scary to me so ….. yeah.  I was trying to take the easy way out.

I could not have chose a better class for me.  I enjoyed every minute of the class but the one book I will NEVER forget is the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis.  A very unassuming book but definitely one of my top 3 for a Wintery read.

I cannot remember any of the other books we read that semester but I will never forget this one.

Lastely, it’s a book I am currently reading.  If you follow me on Good Reads you will know that I have just recently discovered Daphne Du Maurier and am reading Rebecca for the first time….. Where have I been?

Looking at the first cover of this book I would say it looks more like an October read.  But, perhaps because I’m reading it now, I will forever think of this book as a Christmas/Winter read.


the above is my copy.

So these are my top three books for the Winter season.  What do you read in the Winter.  What books bring up memories of relaxed evening on the most comfy chair and a cup of tea or hot chocolate.  Maybe in your PJs —– wait is that just me?




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