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I haven’t done much reading these past couple of weeks.  Why?  Well, the holidays have a way of getting in the way.  We’ve had family staying with us and in an attempt to not be rude I tend to watch more television than ever.  I do manage to sneak away for a bit at night when I either watch my shows (I’ve been watching The Crown and rewatching Downton Abbey) but more often than not we’re either hanging out chatting in the kitchen or joining other family members going out to dinner.

Having said all that, thank God for my iPhone when I can, while enjoying time with the family, still check out some articles on the inter webs :).

Did you see these?  I’m not sure how to feel about them.

Speaking of the inter webs.  I recently gave up Facebook.  For no other reason than the fact that there were things being posted that made me really upset or angry and honestly I don’t believe that the internet, something I choose to do, should make me mad.  I enjoyed going on there to see my family in Portugal but, even they aren’t posting that much and rely on seeing pictures of me as an excuse to not dial the phone…… So I gave up.  I do use twitter.  I hated twitter at first.  It just felt as if there was no engagement.  No one really talks to you on there.  If feels like we are talking to ourselves…. at least that’s how it made me feel.  Now…… I like it.  I still feel as if I’m talking to myself but I enjoy my own company (insert laugh here).

I would imagine many people have made the same observations.  I have even read some articles predicting the demise of twitter because of the same reasons.  This article reminded me of that.  Are we raising a generation that requires constant praise.  Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and felt that you NEEDED to click that heart button?  What if they know you saw the picture and didn’t like it?  Would they be mad at you?  Or what about, like the article in this article that has taken down pictures because they didn’t get many likes….. we are addicted to likes.

I like this time of year for the food and the family.  However, this time of year is also the time when we are all struggling with end of year reviews and trying to remember how to put into words the crazy amount of work we put in throughout the year.  I tend to read a lot of work related articles … i.e. how to manage, how to be managed, how to manage up, office politics; we all hate them but we all must learn to play them, how to read a room and how to get promoted (we all want this)


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