Around the Net – Some Links of Interest



As you can see from the picture above (that’s Adele) I have been playing with the new iPhone 7.  I love the camera on the phone and FYI, most of the pictures on this blog are taken with my whatever iPhone I own at the time.

On with the real reason we are here.  So for things that I have been reading and enjoying on the net the past week.  As you can imagine, there haven’t been heck of a lot.  The reason this time were the elections.  I feel as if everywhere I turn the links I’m seeing are all related to the elections here in the United States.  I am all for a good political discussion (as long as it is an educated discussion) but enough is enough.  Let’s move on with our lives and whatever you believes lets make the best of it.  The truth is that they both couldn’t have won so ……. We have what we have and that’s why we call it democracy.  One person wins and everyone must be ok with the results.

From blog The Everywhereist I found and enjoyed this really interesting article about books and how one paragraph may at times haunt you.

I’m not much of a runner but once in a while I wish I were.  It’s probably the easiest thing to do to get some exercise and according to what I read and what I have been told it’s one of the best exercises for the entire body.  I thought this article from a marathon runner would be inspiring to all of us who would love to be one but ….. well, just aren’t.

Jeans or leggings….. do you ever wonder what you should wear to a particular place.  I don’t find jeans to be very comfortable.  I know they’re casual and you can dress them up or dress them down but they are not the most comfortable pieces of clothing in my closet.  I can’t wear jeans all day around the house.  Most of the time I opt for leggings and then I always find myself questioning whether I can walk out of the house wearing leggings or if I should be putting a different pair of pants on…… by the way, are leggings pants?

Are you a serious blogger?  Well, I like to write and I enjoy putting things down on paper.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my technology but I still really enjoy the paper and pen or in this case the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. …… As usual, I digress.  So, although not a famous or even known blogger I am nonetheless a blogger and I would really like to be considered a serious blogger who is having fun.

What links got your interest this week?  I would love if you could send me some recommendations.  Sometimes we all get so stuck in the mundane it’s best to shake things up at times.




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