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Women at the top in the financial industry!!!! is it a myth? There are some and the industry is trying to bring us along.  This is a great article that may or may not explain why it’s not happening fast enough.

What do you think Bill Gates would say are the most important things you must possess to become rich?  C’mon don’t pretend that having money is not important to you.  It’s important to all of us so you might as well read this article.  Let’s just say it’s for research.

Intelligence v. Rationality — hmm is one more important than the other?  If you ask me I’d like to have both please.  What’s the point in being intelligent if you are not rational?  hmmmm or can you be one without the other?  Great article.  Tell me what you think.

For us women who have to walk in heels all day here is a great article to help us out.

Ok, and this one is for me more than for you.  I am trying to write better book reviews and as any normal American Woman when I don’t know something I rely on the internet.  Here is a great article I found about writing a better book review.  Honestly, it can be used even if you are just looking to better understand a book you’re reading.

Snapchat — It’s a thing now.  However, for those of us born in a difference century I remains a mystery.  yes, I have it on my phone and occasionally I Snap a thing or two but am I doing it right? Here is an article to help you up your game….. ok, help me up my game …. or get game.


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