Book Review – The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first Ruth Ware novel and I’m so glad I chose this book from my Book of the Month book club. Not only was it my first Ruth Ware novel but it was also by first book from Book of the Month…. two great firsts.

The story starts when the protagonist, Laura, wakes up in her home as it’s being burgled. She suffers a minor injury but as we can all expect the emotional scars are a much more difficult to hide or cure. Laura, has been working at the same magazine for over 10 years and has recently gotten the opportunity to review a new luxury yacht during its maiden voyage. Hopefully the emotional scars and the lack of sleep from her burglary experience 3 days earlier will not impact this great opportunity at a promotion.

The story was so well written that thought it all I could not get myself to stop thinking of “what could be happening.” More than wanting to know who did it, I wanted to know most of all I wanted to know what happened and to whom. The style of writing kept me turning the pages. It was possible the short chapters, which I will admit most of the time feel as if they are interrupting my reading, but in the case of this book they served as a way for my brain to absorb what had just happened in the previous chapter. I found myself wanting to get to the next chapter ….. Just one more chapter mommy 🙂

It was not until almost the end of the book, and only because Ruth Ware took mercy on me and decided to explain what happened, that I was comfortable with what had taken place on that ship….. But still I was asking myself as I reached the last page “Is Laura paranoid?”

Having said all this, I will have to admit that there were things about the book that really annoyed me. I found Laura to be really whiny and frustrating. If I were on that ship with her I would have slapped her to make her snap out of it. Between her drinking and her headaches…. Take a pill already. She seemed to be ok with taking medication but why wasn’t she taking headache pills and stop complaining already.

I’m also not sure if the burglary at the beginning of the story is necessary. Sometimes I thought it was so there could be another suspect….. worked. But sometimes I feel as if it made the story less believable. So many things happening to one person…… Perhaps there was a different way. It was almost two stories in one and I kept waiting to find out how the two things tied together…. Maybe I missed something.

Otherwise, I thought Ruth Ware handed us a novel tied up in a little bow. This is a great read but beware, you will be thinking about it all the time….. I know I was trying to figure out what happened and to whom even when I wasn’t reading it.


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