Book of the Month Club

Hello all.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw pictures of my Book of the Month box.  I was so excited I had to post it even before I opened it.

So, let’s start from the beginning.  A few months ago I stopped my Vegan Box membership.  Not because I hated it or didn’t think it was good but because I wanted to try something new.  I didn’t want to be that woman who receives a million subscription boxes because I think at some point it stops being special.  It’s like have too many Christmases (yeah, I know…. that may not be a bad thing).  Anyway, as usual I’m totally missing the mark and going in a whole bunch of different directions…… So, I canceled the Vegan Box and for a month or so wanted to subscribe to something else.  Enter The Book of the Month Club….. It could have been the Wine of the Month Club (it might still be at some point).

So, Basically what is The Book of the Month Club?  It’s a monthly subscription box where you receive one book picked by you….. What???? I hear you say.  Yes, so there are five judges (I don’t know why they call them judges) and they each pick a book.  5 judges and 5 genres.  At the begging of the month you go on line and you pick the book that most interests you.  You can also pick an additional 2 books for only $9.99.  I only picked the one Book of the Month.

The book is shipped to you at some point after the first week.  I received mine on the 13th of the month…. I was super excited.  As it usually happens with me I get my packages after I purchase a similar item.  So the books you see next to the box were books I had just bought at Barnes & Noble (Reviews will come).  I started reading Milk and Honey in the car on the way home — Fun Fact, I was not driving 🙂


The book is shipped USPS and you get a tracking number.  I was not supposed to receive my book until that Monday…. So it was early, yay Postal Service…. Bonus points to you.

With the book you receive a note from the judge which sort of explains a little about what you are about to read…. Nice touch I thought… you also receive a little something extra and this month we all received a wine glass koozi.  I don’t have much use for that since my my wine doesn’t last that long in the glass to get warm 🙂 …. (Is is serious or is she joking?!?!?!?).


I’m looking forward to starting this book this weekend.  According to the judge this is a book about a woman who may or may not exist and who goes missing.  Yeah, strange.  It’s touted as an Agatha Christie type mystery so I’m super excited to start it.



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