Reading around the net


Again, another quote that has nothing to do with what I’m reading or about reading.  However, I like it and I did find it on the internet…. It counts 🙂

So, this has been again a week from heck at work and my reading has been basically my books….. I finished The End of Average by Todd Rose and gave it five out of five stars.  It’s a non-fiction so admittedly not for everyone but if you like non-fiction and, like me, have always wondered why averages always confused me, this book is for you.  Nope, not about math…. I would NEVER do that to you so don’t worry.

I did have some time to read a few articles on line, but not a lot so ….. good news…. this will be a short post.

Have you ever been a situation when you have to introduce someone and …. OMG I can’t say this person’s name is all that your brain can scream at you?  Gosh knows I’ve been there so many times.  Normally I just say…. I’m so sorry…. I will totally butcher your name so why don’t you just help me …. and then laugh.  I’m thinking the person probably thinks I’m a dope but…. hey!!!!! have you read the article?

Yep…. I’m almost 50 years old but I have a Pokemon problem.  I’m in good company though.  Check out this article.

This new mom’s response to body shammer’s comment is disgusting.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever feel the need to comment on someone’s appearance, please think about it.  If it’s not nice and you would not like to hear it yourself….. don’t say it.  It’s really none of your business.

Lastly, as everyone knows, I am always looking for new books.  I have list of books I want to read and to be honest, I may never be able to read them all but I find such pleasure adding more books to that list.  This article from Real Simple lists a bunch a great juicy reads…. .have you read any?  Can you recommend one or two for my list?

That’s it!!!!! that’s all the internet time I had…. Although there was also that time on Snapchat and Instagram……. go find me.  I’m there 🙂


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