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Not only am I late posting this article but I don’t have that much to share this week.  Not that it was a slow week in the news — Nope, I just haven’t had much time to surf this week.  Work has been busy and for some reason I have been trying to finish the books I’ve started…… Ugh!!

I hate not finishing a book once I start it but I’m having a really hard time finishing Swans of Fifth Avenue.  It’s really slow going and I’ve though on more than one occasion of putting it down.  I’ve finished two other books and there has been no progress on the Swans.

This article in the New York Post is very appropriate.  Fashion Week is coming to an end.  It used to be that the front row at fashion week was reserved for editors, influential people, actors and actresses…. These days the front row is full of bloggers and sometimes not even the great bloggers.

According to Mashable, Cable was just put on notice that other companies are also allowed to provide consumer with cable…. Finally.  I’ve always thought that was a huge monopoly (ok, not really there are more than one companies but……).

I found out about Elena Ferrante in a New York Times article about her books.  What captivated me was that we don’t even know if Elena actually exists.  Apparently, no one knows who she is and she’s never done any interviews or appeared on any shows.  Her books about the coming of age in Italy are cult classics at this point.   I have read her first book and plan on reading the other two.  This article from New York Times is making me want to speed up my reading…. I can’t watch a movie unless I’ve read the book first.

I always find discussions about emotional intelligence and success and although I am a sucker for a super intelligent person…. I’m always super amazed at how some people are so intelligent that they can’t even bring themselves down to my left (haha).  I find myself looking for documentaries about them… however, I am pretty sure that most of the time your success at work or in life is dependent upon our ability to get along with other human beings.  So, I think it’s important to be smart and to work on our grades in school but it’s also important to work on our social skills and ensure that we are not society outcasts.

Speaking of smart people!! I thought this article made me laugh.  Now I totally understand why I’m so distracted at work.  I’m actually very intelligent hahahaha.

And still on the intelligent wave… get wave?  This past week (could have been the week before, I’m behind on my reading…. I warned you about that) was a very important week for science.  Scientists were able to verify the wave ripples written about by Einstein….. Ok, I’m not sure I fully understood the important of what happened but when I saw the news everyone seemed so excited.

Who hasn’t heard about the Jenners?  In this case Kylie and Kendall…. the younger sisters.  Did you know they have a new line of clothing?  Yeah, and it’s not that bad.  I may have to go check it out.  Stay tuned.

I think this was all on my reading list for last week.  I hope I have more time to find fun and interesting articles for you.  I would love if you send me new articles too…. take the pressure off me for a little while.  The email address is NaturallySmpl@icloud.com.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the blog.





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