Book Review – Quiet by Susan Cain



I read this book as a part of my Book Challenge.  This was a book which I had abandoned sometime ago because it made me feel uncomfortable, I think.  True, I could relate to the book and the author’s description of what constitutes an introvert but I did NOT want to be an introvert.  Gosh!!! if that’s what I am, how am I going to grow in my career?

I’m not sure what changed but this book was the first book I thought of when I needed to pick “a book I previously abandoned.”  Is my career less important?  is introversion more acceptable?  What?

Well, I think neither and perhaps both.  Introversion is more widely understood now and my career, although interesting and I still enjoy what I do, very much.  I am not willing to sacrifice anymore.  I am ready to discover other parts of my life and interests of my life and I am no longer willing to ignore who I am for the sake of a corner office of the glory of breaking through that glass ceiling.

Being an introvert is no longer perceived as being shy…. although when Susan Cain wrote the book in 2012…. doesn’t seem that long ago does it? a lot of the studies had not come to light.  I am pretty sure this book was the push we needed to learn more about the introvert phenomenon…. Not a phenomenon at all I am sure.

As an introvert, myself, I was very interested in finding how the world perceives me.  I am not shy and I have a few friends…. granted not a whole lot of friends but I truly believe that one or two true friends are all one person needs and absolutely all I can handle.

Although I like the book I felt like it glorified introversion to the detriment of extroversion.  Neither one is right or wrong, they both just are.  two siblings (me and my brother) can be totally different.  I, the more introverted and he, the complete extrovert.  Growing up we completed each other.  When things became too much for me to handle he took control of the situation and ensured that all eyes were on him.  This gave me the opportunity to “disappear” become invisible (hahaha I wish) in order to be able to deal with the situation.  We’re both married now and I use my husband for those moments when I need to become invisible…. but my point is that…. my brother is an extrovert but that doesn’t make him any less intelligent than I.  As a matter of fact, as far as intelligence goes, I think we are both the same but in different ways …. did that make any sense?

The book was very well researched and I enjoyed hearing all the stories as well as the research done in the name of introversion.  However, I don’t feel that it was balanced.

I would recommend this book to an introverted person who has not come to terms with why the world looks different from the world everyone else is on.  However, I would caution that person to remember that there is a yin to every yang and that the extrovert may also feel confused in an introverted world.

All in all, I am glad I went back to read the book.  It’s like the universe felt I was ready to finally understand it.

On to the next book.  Come join me in Goodreads



Just started reading “Big Magic” by: Elizabeth Gilbert


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