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Yeah, another photo that has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m reading on the internet…. or does it?  I saw it on the internet right?  So we can consider it a part of what I’m reading on the internet 🙂

I have been saying this for a while now.  I am all for breaking that glass ceiling and if you’re a woman trying to break through because you want to I hope you succeed and I am behind you 100%.  However, there are women out there who do not wan to break the ceiling.  They want to be home, take care of their families and just be left alone but respected just the same.  I think the feminist movement has forgotten that freedom to do what we want to do is exactly that…. whatever I want to do.  I may not wan too be the next CEO.  This article from a new blog I found “My So Called Perfect Marriage” really hits the nail on the head.

I don’t have children, but if I had them I would like them to enjoy reading.  I have always enjoyed it.  However, my brother, hates reading.  He has no patience.  Although I firmly believe that certain things can be learned, there is also something to be said for nature.  There are ways you can help your child love books and this article is a great start for a young reader.

I’m starting to think that I don’t dislike Man Repeller as much as I think I do.  The writing is good and most articles are funny.  I’m not a fan of every article but the ones I like, I really like them.  This one about stuff that we tend to “save” had me thinking that I need to clean out my closet…. I am becoming a hoarder…. I don’t think it’s well prepared at all.

I’ve heard so many jokes about women not shaving in the winter.  I have honestly started keeping track of when I shave and honestly…. Yeah I know a bit too much sharing … I don’t shave as much as I do in the Summer.  My skin is so dry and I think shaving makes it worse and honestly, I hate shaving.  Then I read this article from Into The Gloss and they make it sound like a spa day….. I may have to stop this post so I can go shave.

I think last week I mentioned a new blog I found The Modern Mrs. Darcy... it’s about books and reading and … well, nerdy life in general. I love it and can’t stop reading it.  This particular post was amazing.  Sometimes you feel like everyone else is one step ahead or things just aren’t working out…. maybe you’re acting in the wrong movie.  What a concept.  Now everything seems to make sense doesn’t it?

And now… let’s talk about talking.  It appears that as New Yorkers, we are the most talkative state in the US.  I guess if you take public transportation you probably don’t find this very surprising.

Emailing has become such a necessary evil.  There are times when I receive emails and wonder if the person who sent it even has any idea why I’m on the email list.  I thought this article about what email you should and should not send your boss was right on point.

It appears I am not the only one who wants to go totally gray.  As a woman of a certain age, I’m totally tired of having to color my hair.  I color it because I have a few grays coming through and ….. well, we all know how society feels about women going gray…. Turns out, men are doing it also.

Organizing and purging and being a minimalist is all great if you’re ready for it.  I think we all feel forced at times to be as we are told to be in accordance to the latest book.  I will tell you that if you are not ready to do, then don’t.  I still have not been able to delete my father’s cell phone number from my phone book and my dad passed away over five years ago.  Maybe I will never delete it does that make me messy?  No, it just means I’m not ready.





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