My Personality Revealed – Myers Briggs


Recently I posted about my promotion and how I was feeling like an impostor.  Read the post here.  The fear of being “found out” was so real.  Someone is bound to find out that I’m not deserving of this promotion.  How did I get it; that woman down the hall from me didn’t?  She’s very intelligent and always prepared for every meeting.  Surely this was a mistake…… yada yada yada…..

Someone read my post and commented that I should take the Myers Briggs test and it would probably answer a lot of the questions I had as to why I always feel like I don’t deserve good things that happen to me.  Ok…. Before you start feeling all sorry for me…. please don’t.  It’s not like that, I don’t hate myself nor do I think I’m some piece of poop on the bottom of someone’s shoes.  Nothing like that.  Sometimes I just feel like the things that I am good at are so normal.  They don’t take much work.  I work hard but I could work harder…. I hope this is making sense.  The things that I’m being complimented for or promoted for are things that come really easy to me and, although I work hard, it doesn’t feel like they are deserving of a promotion because I actually enjoy doing them — ok, not every day.  Some days I’m ready to tell them all where to go…….

Wow, that was a huge digression.  Ok…. back on track.  The Myers Briggs, yes.  So I took this person’s suggestion and took the free test on line.  I was as honest as I could be, although some of the questions I guess could have gone either way.  I wonder if I took the test today again would the results be the same….. finally, we’re at the punch line of this horrendously long post….. I’m an ISFJ Personality Type.


ISFJ – what does that mean?  ha! so apparently I’m a confused soul. I’m a defender – of what I don’t know.

The ISFJ personality type is quite unique, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though possessing the Feeling (F) trait, ISFJs have excellent analytical abilities; though Introverted (I), they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are a Judging (J) type, ISFJs are often receptive to change and new ideas. As with so many things, people with the ISFJ personality type are more than the sum of their parts, and it is the way they use these strengths that defines who they are.

No wonder I’m always so confused and confuse everyone else around me.

ISFJ Strengths:

  • Supportive
  • Reliable and Patient
  • Imaginative and Observant
  • Enthusiastic
  • Loyal and Hard Working
  • Good Practical Skills

Hmmm I don’t know about you, but some of these, although sounding a whole lot like me, they also sound really boring.  Am I boring?

ISFJ Weaknesses:

  • Humble and Shy
  • Take Things Too Personally
  • Repress Their Feelings
  • Overload Themselves
  • Reluctant to Change
  • Too Altruistic

So, I’m making funny comments as I write this and … boy you should see the faces I’m making but …. seriously.

So, why am I telling you all this?  These tests, although done in fun when in school can teach us a lot.  They can help us figure out why sometimes our world seems so upside down and everyone else’s right side up.

Perhaps the reason I got the promotion was because I am hard working and have practical skills which have helped me move up in my career.  I tend to take on a lot of different projects (overload themselves) which could mean that I have gotten someone’s attention for being someone who can take on the work and see it through.

So, I am glad I took this test.  If you want to take the test too go here for a free test.

Thank you for reading



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