Weakly Roundup – Around the Net


This article is a bit old but imagine my surprise (not) when I read it and found most of it to still hold true?  I’m a short woman (please don’t call me “girl”) and as I have mentioned a short woman of a certain age.  I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter how old or how tall you are, there is no reason for you to look frumpy.  I’ve adopted some of these as my holly grail fashion do’s.

Glasses — I have that love hate relationship with my glasses.  I feel like I spend so much time doing my eye make up only to cover it all up with my glasses.  I know, I know…. I can always switch to contacts but … Ugh!! Check out these tips for glass wearing women — STOP calling me a girl Grrrrr.

I enjoy a good dirty martini (olives please and don’t be shy).  However, I cannot make a martini to save my life so imagine my happiness when I saw this article about perfecting martinis.  I’m going to make it my mission to learn how to perfect a martini this year.

I always enjoy reading anything by WhoWhatWear and this post on the 9 ways to wear skinny jeans was pretty interesting.  I don’t think you need to be young to wear skinny jeans, I just think you need to be someone who can carry the skinny jeans look off well.  In other words, if like me, skinny jeans make you look like you’re squeezing into a stray jacket and pucker up in unspeakable places, well…. you have no business wearing them.  Also, I think that as a woman of a certain age, you need to make sure the back side is covered up (at least most of us).  There are some women of a certain age who can totally show off their ass-ets.

Ugh!!! have you tried walking the streets of New York City in high heels?  Yeah, it’s not an easy thing to do.  Just going from one building to another while I’m at work makes me wish I had changed into my commuting flats.  When I aw this article in about How to Wear Heels in NYC Without Falling…. I could to resist.

Town and Country had a great article on line about why beauty brands are going back to direct selling to the public.

These are just some of my time wasters while I don’t want to do any work… which honestly lately feels like the only thing I have time to do.

More next week.






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