App Review –


So for this year I made a goal for myself that I would read 50 books — wow that’s a lot of books.  But I want to reach that goal one way or another.  So….. Audible to the rescue.  We are all busy but we all have those few sporadic moments throughout the day where listening to a book is a great way to pass the time…. For instance, commuting to and from the office, sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for your turn, waiting for public transportation, etc….. I know I have a few of these moments…. Also, I like listening to books while I clean the house.  On weekends you can find me with my headphones on but you can be sure I’m listening to a book and not music.

Audible is not a replacement for reading.  I still prefer reading a book.  There is something to be said for immersing yourself in a fantasy world you created.  I like to make up scenarios and locations in my mind as I read a book.  Reading a description in a book is very different from listening to a description that someone is reading.  The reader adds their own interpretation so it no longer is my imagined world but the reader’s imagined world.

I tend to download audio books that don’t require my imagination.  Something like self help books.

I love Audible.  Try it and get a free book with your first time subscription.

I’m not paid to write this article….. I promise.  I just really like the Audible app on my phone.  Besides, life should be simple right?





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