Think Dirty App Review

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If you recall, a few weeks ago I told you all about a new App I had just read about.  Since then I have been using the app and have learned quit a few things…. Amazing.

Buying natural beauty products can be very confusing and I believe that because of that, more people are not committed to ensuring that the products they purchase are devoid of harmful chemicals.  Enter Think Dirty…. I don’t remember where I read about it but I’m so glad I did.  Think Dirty is a the brainchild of Lily Tse, who, according to the website because of a family history of cancer and after watching Story of Cosmetics, wanted to research the impact of the cosmetic industry on breast cancer. What she found is exactly what converts most of us.  The cosmetic industry is exposing women to hormone disruptors that may be linked to breast cancer.  She decided to look for cleaner alternatives to her beauty routine.

Like many of us, Lily, realized that buying natural or organic beauty products is not as easy as it should be and so she developed the Think Dirty App.

Think Dirty® empowers and educates the consumer on the cosmetics industry by allowing them to make an informed decision on what products to purchase

I am seriously loving the app.  I have scanned so many of the products in my home and have been surprised by quite a few.  The most recent and most hurtful was my shampoo and conditioner (I will write a post about it).


So, about the app….. (iPhone and Android is still in beta) all you need to do is scan the barcode on the products and the app will give you all the information you to make a decision as to whether to buy or not.  I am bringing the app to the stores with me and before I buy anything I scan.  The results include a rating of 0 – 10 with 10 being the dirtiest and then, just in case you need further proof there are articles from various regulatory agencies as well as bloggers and other reviews of the products.  I particularly like the studies and reports.

As if being one of the best apps of 2015 (my opinion) wasn’t enough.  Think Dirty partnered with the Breast Cancer Fund in their Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The app is free, so what are you waiting for?  Go, get the app here and start scanning those barcodes.



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